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Universal Kempo Karate: More than Martial Arts!

Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association proudly began our roots at the Pacific Palisades Community Center, in Aiea, Hawaii in 1966 under our founding father, Grand Master Martin T. Buell. He developed and continues to improve the Universal Kempo Karate system with modern methods and innovations. His love for Kempo Karate has always driven him to further its growth.

The Universal Kempo Karate uses the methods of escape, control, and destroy in self-defense training considering the escalation of force. The objectives of Universal kempo Karate Schools Association are first to teach self-defense; second, to improve physical conditioning; third, to improve self-discipline, moral character, and humility; and fourth, to develop comradeship among students and to encourage one another to help each other, so all can prosper and develop.

First—Chinese Kempo Karate is a combination of self-defense and awareness of the vital areas of the human body—which, in a time of civil unrest and assaults upon individuals, is of the utmost  importance. Kempo teaches one to deal instantly and effectively if the situation should arise.

Second—Chinese Kempo Karate develops students’ physically fit by increasing their endurance, strength, muscle tone, and mental alertness.

Third—The principle of courage. Through Kempo Karate, students develops self-esteem, a positive attitude, and confidence in being able to protect themselves, thus developing courage.

The Universal Kempo-Karate Schools Association emphasizes self defense for survival. We stress to the students that improving their ability to react in any situation is paramount: Always be alert and aware of your immediate surroundings.

 Escape – Talk, Avoid, Prevent… The ability to escape an attacker without physical force.

Control – Talk, Controlling the situation… The ability to escape your attacker’s grasp or punch. To control him or her by use of pressure points, locks, pins, chokes, or blocks, without causing a disabling injury.

Destroy -This is the LAST action!… Ability to do bodily harm (destroy) to your attacker.  This is not used unless absolutely necessary in the case of defending one’s life, or  his, or her, family.