Our philosophy

Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association proudly began our roots at the Pacific Palisades Community Center, in Aiea, Hawaii in 1966 under our founding father, Grand Master Martin T. Buell. He developed and continues to improve the Universal Kempo Karate system with modern methods and innovations. We are a family oriented school teaching self-defense and abide by traditional martial arts values of respect, courtesy, discipline and responsibility. Our goal is for our students to become stronger mentally, physically and spiritually.

Your physical training gets you in shape, and you will learn specific skills for self-defense, however most people don’t often have to physically defend themselves. So, how can this training be helpful in everyday situations?

Think about the confrontations you sometimes face with friends, family, or co-workers. Most of these incidents are small and probably not physical in nature, but you may feel attacked-emotionally, mentally and verbally. Unless you have discipline over your mind and body, and are able to control your reactions, you risk escalating the situation rather de-escalating it and coming to a peaceful resolution. Having the confidence that you can handle yourself in a physical encounter gives you the ability to stay calmer and think clearer as interactions get heated.

Here are the three self-defense phases we teach:

the 3 phases of self-defense
Talk your way out of a bad situation or RUN! Even if you win the fist fight you opponent may decide to come after you legally. Live to fight another day
Use non-violent controls such as wrist locks, arm bars, pins, clinches and holds to stop them from hurting you without hurting them
This is the LAST action!… Ability to do bodily harm (destroy) to your attacker. This is not used unless absolutely necessary in the case of defending one’s life, or his, or her family.

Check out our class schedule today and let us know how we can train you to become stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. If you want to get ready for your first Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) match we are not the place for you. We are not an MMA gym, but we do incorporate MMA skills and more with a self-defense mind set.